Advanced Praise for T.U.G.W.O.A.T. : Beau Sia

Read his poetry and you will know Beau Sia.  If, after that, you don’t long to know him personally, I’d be surprised.  And I do not surprise easily.

-Norman Lear, Legendary TV producer & creator of All in The Family

Beau enters the  ‘No Fly Zone’ of modern-day poetry with drone-like precision and an assassins’ passion. Here is a form of bloodshed, both wise and unapologetic. The most dangerous part is the laughter.

-Saul Williams, Poet, Actor, star of the film Slam

This book is the One-inch Punch of the Shogun of Spoken Word. All Hail The greatest living poet young Beau “kowski” Sia.

-Lemon Andersen, Playwright & Original Def Poet

With every phrase landing like a shredding anthemic human explosion, Beau Sia is the one-man Led Zeppelin of modern poetry.  How can the no-shit crazy truth of these fraught times be rendered like this in such a way as to make us dance to???   this.  stuff.  is.  amazing!

-Jonathan Demme, Filmmaker

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