courage rising : Beau Sia

courage rising

  Posted on September 30, 2014 at 3:44 pm

your voice is the essay

that gets you into college.


your voice is the proclamation

of love at the altar.


your voice is the yes

at every turn in your life.


your voice battles the no

in every corner of the world.


your voice is the rebel yell

that silences fear.


what a gift,   this voice we possess.

what magic,   these symbols

we’ve crafted to shape our intentions

what power,   to embrace our ability

to metaphor.


for your voice

is also a dollar

in the direction humanity’s going.


your voice is clicking

drops into the bucket of change.


your voice is a hug

for those who’ve been denied.


your voice is standing in solidarity

with the marginalized.


your voice is living in solidarity

for the marginalized.


your voice is evolving in unity

so that none are marginalized.


honey, can’t you see?

we have come so far.

we have done so much.


we have continued to revise our narrative

in the face of front yard flames.


we keep returning to change,

even though obsolete systems refuse

to retire.


we don’t stop, won’t stop

working these voices

we’ve been given,

because we just can’t help it.


your voice teaches the child

that we do not let fear control us.


your voice helps the mother

rise without shame for her choices.


your voice gives a man

the courage to accept all of himself.


don’t you want to


more of that?


your voice brings loved ones

to the party.

the people to the square,

better tomorrows for all.


so more please!


‘cuz your voice

is the way

to end

all this useless suffering.


your voice

is a hammer

ready to break you free


what is breaking us.


your voice is the gift

in your hands

asking to be given

to the world.


you don’t have to spend your life


if you have

the courage.


you were born with it.

it lives in your voice.


it’s waiting for

you to show

the darkness

what the truth

looks like

when the people

decide to sing.




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