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me yelling at old, rich people (again)

  Posted on September 29, 2014 at 4:13 pm

My homie Norman Lear has his memoir coming out soon.  It’s called Even This I Get To Experience and you should get it, because it’s always helpful to read another’s manifestation of a full life.

Anywho, as part of getting the word out on the memoir, he posted a little throwback video on Huffington Post of me performing the poem “Kill The Old,” for his 80th birthday jam.

This be the link:


It’s pretty hilarious to see how I once dressed super baggy (por moi), since Phat Farm was supplying the free clothes at the time, and it’s pretty weird to see how I’ve always had a public fixation with threesomes.

Best part is I get my just comeuppance at the end from a very cool cat indeed.

Now get the memoir!


and so it begins

  Posted on September 11, 2014 at 11:59 pm

Welcome to the re-designed! Thank you for making the time to visit. I am very excited to have this space to start manifesting what I’ve been working on internally for the last decade. And for the first time since I established the original Beau Sia website in 2000, I will be updating regularly! That means a new poem every Tuesday, a new Thank You post every Sunday, and other new posts throughout the week, as appropriate to the unfolding of this process. Much thanks to Katie, Daniel, and Jan for all their help in making this possible, and super thankful for all the folks who came to my aid and sent me really moving testimonials of my work and performance. Enjoy your stay. Come back soon.

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