love beau 1 : Beau Sia

love beau 1

  Posted on September 11, 2014 at 11:09 pm

In going through a lifetime of poems and photos during a recent move, I’ve begun to see how my relationship with love has grown over the years. I want to share this process through a lifetime of love poems that few even know exist. I believe that as I share this journey, it will help guide me during this important time when I am committed to developing a powerful foundation of self love. I also feel that it’s important to share with a disposable culture that we are not fixed in any moment. That we are not locked into our greatest hits or our epic failures. That our ideas of love can evolve if we allow ourselves to expand and go there. In that vein, I am compiling all of the love poems I’ve ever written- juevenile, embarrassing, poignant, mysoginisty, intimate, raw- and I am going to share them as part of a new web series on my youtube channel. Look for the first installment to drop on sept. 22nd.

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