love beau 2 : Beau Sia

love beau 2

  Posted on September 19, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Feeling emotionally hesitant about starting this lovebeau series. Thankfully I already posted a date for it so I can’t back out now. Going through old love poems was not as fun and easy as I’d initially believed it would be. looking back at my previous process post on this, I noticed that I’d written the word, “installment.” I’m gonna interpret that as I’d better have more than one of these on monday. I’ve decided 5. I think I’ll post 5 poems at a time. It allows me the opportunity to have each installment reflect a range of love ideas. Not sure how I’ll structure future installments, but this first time around I’ll try to hit all the major time periods, including now. Originally, I wasn’t going to write any poems in-the-moment for this site until next year, but things change. All it took was for someone to joke that I can’t say I’m dropping new poems each week if they’d been written in the past. I disagree with the idea, simply because ‘new’ and ‘past’ are so subjective and misinterpreted- but what stuck was not being bound. When considering this further for lovebeau, it makes sense that some of the poems are from my life now. Especially if I’m really going to go there about love and my relationship with it. I’ve got to be in this moment if I really want to connect it to before in order to build a fuller henceforth and forevermore. I just have to figure out which 5 poems I start with, how I am going to disguise identity without losing integrity of verse, what the “set,” is going to look like, and how I’m actually going to get it shot.

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