love beau 3 : Beau Sia

love beau 3

  Posted on September 22, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Haven’t even chosen the poems I’ve got to shoot today for the first installment of love, beau.
I should’ve already done that and a host of other things, but spent most of the weekend meditating on this series. Or rather, freaking out that I’m actually going through with this. And listening for all that’s been coming up regarding my relationship to poems I’ve written in the name of love. Even though I feel lame that these videos will look boring or whatever, I know that the internal process of this project is the most important part. Second most important is sharing the vulnerability & exploration in this process, so that others may have more to inform their relationship with love. So probably long game great that I am just gonna stick a camera in front of my face and recite. There’s definitely no way I’ll be able to edit around the nuance I’m unaware that I’m revealing. Not enough time to do more than choose some poems, transcribe that shit, put the camera in the cave, and go. Doubtful I’ll even get this done by midnight, but we’ll see. I’m glad I wrote that I would post new videos today, ‘cuz now I have to. Looking forward to your thoughts as I embark on this journay.

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