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barbara kruger

  Posted on September 29, 2014 at 10:29 pm

love for sale,

a book, a sacrifice, a parent’s way

of showing love

when a dollar means the suffering

of racists and assholes all day.


love for sale,

your work in my hands,

the seed of words planted in image,

so that the child may one day

walk their truth.


love for sale,

the reminder I wasn’t alone,

that the boys, all the boys,

and the girls, all the girls,

were all dancing to this song

I could not sing

no matter how hard I tried.


love for sale,

the portrait of a culture,

the captured moment of our slime,

the broken promise in contrast

to its beautiful advertising.


love for sale,

a book that reduced the patriarchy in me,

a series that left a bomb for capitalism later in life,

a story told that I couldn’t pretend away,

still and vibrant at once.


love for sale,

through every house I’ve lived in,

after every lover has gone home,

during all the times I doubted my fight,

inescapable in its craft.


love for sale,

watching me learn its depth,

fueling the words I’m celebrated for,

helping the boy stop holding onto

his store bought things.


love for sale,

each page your price paid,

each word your understanding afire,

each piece a place

I’ve faced in each mirror

in each room

in every corner

of the house built by man.


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